Genuine Temporary Entrant requirement for Student Visas

Know how the GTE requirement is assessed


One of the  main requirements  when applying for a student visa is that the immigration department  should consider you as a genuine temporary entrant {GTE}. This requirement is to remove the circumstances  of those who just want to apply for student visa as a means of obtaining permanent residency . There are many factors considered by the immigration department to assess the GTE requirement.

Circumstances in home country 

potential circumstances in Australia 

Value of the course to the applicant 

Intentions of the spouse, parent etc in case the applicant is a minor 

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 Circumstances in their home country

Immigration department may look into if the applicant can take a similar role in their home country. A higher quality education and willingness to study in an English speaking country can be some of the reasons.

Applicants existing ties to the home country such as family, employment and other commitments that would reflect applicants desire to go back to his/her home country. Also a bad economy, political instability and other circumstances may appear to show the applicant is applying for student visa to escape the state of their home country.

Circumstances in Australia

Immigration department will also take into account the applicants potential circumstances in Australia. Family and community ties would reduce the likelihood of being a genuine entrant.This can also be the applicants influencing factor for studying in Australia, the applicants knowledge of the course and the education provider will also be taken into account.

Immigration history and value of the course

To asses further the genuinity   of the applicantion, the immigration department also takes into account the value added to the applicants future through the course.If the course aligns with the previous study or employment. Change in this can lead to doubt in the applicants intentions. Immigration history of the applicant is also important in determining the GTE criteria. This includes applciations for any Australian visa, whether or not the application is finalised and whether or not it has been granted or refused. If the previous applications to Australia the conditions were met for the visa.

GTE and permanent residency pathways

In situations where applicant wants to apply for permanent residency or has already applied for permanent residency, this does not indicate that the applicant doesn't want to genuinely want to obtain an education or will not depart from Australia should their visa cease.

Studying at a lower level

If the applicant is applying for a course that has a lower AQF level than previous studies, it may seem that the applicant  has done so in order to stay longer in Australia and may not be a genuine entrant. In situations where the applicant has done so because the education in the home country differs from that of Australia, the immigration department can make exceptions. 

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