International Travel limitations for Permanent Residents in Australia

Getting a permanent residency doesn't necessarily mean you will have unrestricted travel rights


Since 1945, when the first immigration portfolio was announced there have been significant rise in the immigrants coming to this country. This visa allows international travel facility with the liberty to go in and out of Australia for a period of 5 years.

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The Travel facility is valid for 5 years only starting from the date of its grant. You are entitled to stay in Australia after the expiry date, however it is very important to meet the residence requirement or need to showcase close ties to maintain a permanent resident status.

Resident Return Visa{Subclass 155 and 157}

This visa is used for travel facility when the current visa has expired or is about to expire so that the applicant can reenter the country.

Subclass{155} validity is usually for 5 years or 1 year.

Subclass{157} validity is usually for 3 months.

Eligibility Requirements 


  • This visa has a requirement of 2 years physical stay in Australia out of the 5 years of the visa validity. It is not mandatory to show consecutive years, once can show cumulative years as well.This is for 5 years resident return visa applicants.

  • One year resident return visa is also there for applicants who cannot meet the 2 of the last 5 year residence requirement. To demonstrate this, one needs to 

  • Be physically present in Australia for not less than 2 years during the 5 year period 

  • Not being absent for a continuous period of 5 years or more since the time of your visa grant 

  • Having cultural, employment, business ties to Australia. If the applicant is currently employed or holds employment in Australia by Australian organization. Business ties refer to having a profitable business in Australia that does not require active physical stay in Australia. 

Subclass(157) requirements

  • Need to have spent at-least 1 day lawfully in the period of 5 years in Australia 

  • Been a permanent resident for the entire period spent in Australia 

  • Evidence of compelling reasons on why applicant had to depart 

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