Legislation is out: TSS visa, ENS and RSMS changes

Its finally here commencing 18 March 2018, the new employer nomination changes.


 Affective  from 18 march 2018 the Subclass{482} will have  three streams .

  • Short term stream 

  • Medium term stream 

  • Labour agreement stream


Short term TSS visa

For all occupation that are in the STSOL. 

  • Visa valid unto 2 years only. Period of 1 to 2 years will be provided in the application.

  • Can only be renewed onshore once. If not eligible onshore, renewals to be done offshore.

  • Overall score of 5 in each in IELTS or equivalent.

  • GTE criteria to apply

  • No pathway through employer nomination for permanent visa

Medium term 

For occupations in the MLTSSL list. 

  • Visa valid for 4 years. Period of visa to be provided during the lodgement of the application.

  • No restrictions on renewals.

  • English score 5 in each component in IELTS or eq.

  • Pathway to PR through employer nomination after 3 years.

Labour Agreement 

Labour agreement for bringing skilled workers with the Commonwealth. Demonstrated need to fill shortfall in the Australian labour market.

Work Experience

2 years of prior work experiment is required to apply for this visa. Experiecen in similar or related occupation will be taken into consideration.

TSMIT requirements

The temporary skilled migration income threshold will stay at $53900 per annum for now. Market salary will be according to the annual market salary rate which is the earnings an Australian permanent resident or citizen wold receive on a full time basis in a similar role performing same duties.

Condition 8607

Similar to the Condition 8107 that affects 457 visa holders. New nomination to be lodged for applicants who wish to change the occupation.

RSMS and ENS changes

  • DE stream{187} require endorsement from Regional Certifying Body{RCB}

  • Labour market testing to be made compulsory for Subclass{187}

  • Subclass{187} DE requirement of at least 3 years of prior expeirence

  •  More occupations to be eligible for Subclass{187}

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