Subclass{186} Key Changes and Critical factors

There are various critical factors involved with subclass{186} now

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Labour Market Testing for the new nomination application 

The period for labour market testing undertaken has changed from 12 months to 

  •  Nomination application lodged on or after 18 march 2018 and before 18 June 2018 - 12 months period immediately before the nomination application form is lodged

  •  For nomination lodged on or after 18 June 2018- 6 months period before the nomination application is lodged 

Specifications of occupations and Assessment authorities

The list of occupations is similar to DE and TRT streams 

There is only one list for this visa which is the 186 MLTSSL

The new instrument applies to 

  • A nomination application lodged on or after 18 march 2018

  • An application for subclass{186}in the DE made on or after 18 March 2018 if application  for approval of nomination is made on or after the date

  • The nomination instrument still applies in relation to applications made before 18 march 2018 and for applications for subclass{186} made on or after 17 January 2018 if the related application for the approval of nomination was made on or before 18 March 2018

Annual Market Salary Rate, TSMIT and related

TSMIT requirement is at $53900, but now will be applicable to 186 nominations

Australian employee performing equivalent work and fair work or state instrument. If there is no Australian employee performing equivalent work and fair work or state instrument exists, AMSR in instrument. Otherwise if no instrument then it is determined according to. 

  • Information published on the Australian government's job outlook website.

  • Advertisements from national recruitment websites or print media that has top be in English and also specify the salary arrangements for the advertised position. 

  • Written advice from the registered employer unions and surveys across the relevant industry by reputable organisation or body.

Training requirement/ Transitional arrangements

Nomination lodged on or after 18 march 2018. Employee as the term is defined in the fair work act 2009. Applicants who held a 457 visa or had applied for a 457 visa and has been granted later. Those whose applications are made before this date but haven't been granted are not included in this.

Time to hold 457/482 visa as 2 years in the prior 3 years.

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