Tips on Claiming extra points for your Skilled Migration{189,190,489} Visa

The ever increasing points criteria for many occupations means that some people are left short on points for invitation, here is a quick guide how to increase them.


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"Closely related" occupation  would be a very good option for increasing points. But for this we need to understand what "closely related" means.

What does this mean?

All occupations within the same "unit group" are classified as closely related.The unit group can be easily identified through the first 4 digits of the number. Here is an example.




If you have experience as a Hotel manager{1413} and have nominated yourself as a Restaurant Manager{1411}. You would be able to claim points for your experience as a hotel manager.One thing to keeping consideration is that you need to make sure that the duties are similar to ANZSCO needs. Both the occupations are under the Short Term Skilled Occupation List (STSOL) list so this does not mean that the occupation should be in the same list to claim points for "closely related" occupation.

You have to nominate an occupation that is on the Medium to Long Term Strategic Skills List (MLTSSL) but you can claim work experience points in a closely related occupation that is on either the MLTSSL or Short Term Skilled Occupation List (STSOL)

Career Advancement 

Applications who have climbed up the ladder of success and their current occupation sounds nowhere close to what they were doing before. For example, you were an accountant {221111: Accountant (General)} few years ago and currently you are working as a CEO. In this situation as well you would be able to claim points .If you can clearly evidence your career advancement from your nominated occupation to your recent years as upper management, then your experience still counts as it demonstrates that you are highly skilled in your role and have been able to taken on greater responsibilities.

Medical Practitioners 

Medical practitioners can claim points for their experiences in internships after their qualification. How so? most of the occupations require you to be "deemed skilled" which means have certain years of work experience after your qualification to claim points. Due to the nature of the medical industry and the nature of the training medical practitioners got through while studying for the course, this condition is not required.

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