Partner visas and a brief introduction

Planning to settle with an Australian citizen/ PR ? Congratulations but do not forget these important factors



         Partner visas are a 2 stage process, partner has to apply for a temprary visa and then for a permanent one, provided he/she fullfills the criteria off shore application

        1-Offshore partner{provisional} visa {subclass 309} Partner{migrant} visa {subclass 100}

        2-Onshore application Onshore temporary partner visa{ subclass 820}Partner visa {subclass 801}

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        The sponsoring partner should be an Australian Citizen/ Permanent Resident or eligible New Zealand citizen. Sponsoring under the age of 18 would require the parent or guardian to act as the sponsor, in this case he/she has to be Australian citizen/ Permanent resident or eligible New Zealand citizen. 
        Sponsor must be able to pass the character requirements. 

        Limitations/ obligations
        You would not be able to sponsor if 
        1-You were already sponsored for partner or prospective marriage visa in the last 5 years
        2-Successfully sponsored 2 people for migration to Australia 
        3-The sponsor must provide accomodation and financial support to their partner for up to 2 years following their grant/ entry into Australia. They are also required to inform DOHA in case of the relationship breaks down. Health requirements are also to be met.
        It must be according to Australian Law. Underage, Polygamous  are not legal in Australia. 
        2-De Facto
        Relationship must have existed for atleast 12 months before the time of application. Must be 18 years or older and relationship may still be elgible if it falls under 12 months if the applicant shows compelling reasons which may include
        Same sex relationships and is illegal in his/her home country 
        If they have kids
        if the relationship is registered under a law of a state or territory 
        DOHA{ Department of home affairs} will assess the following aspects of the relationship
        1-Financial aspect of the relationship, sharing of bills, expenses, joint accounts etc
        2-Nature of living arrangements, care and support of the child
        3-Social aspects such as how friends view the relationship, joint social activities etc
        4-Nature of the relationship, length of the relationship
        5-DOHA will asses if the relationship is ongoing after 2 years and the applicant has to provide documents of continued relationship during the 2 years
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